Wrong Account balance?

Hi there! I’m currently having wrong account balance. When I tap the “Accounts” tab (bucks icon at bottom-middle) and the scroll is on the top (latest transactions) the Account balance (middle top) is showing wrong amount. If I scroll down over the transaction list, the amount is updated with the correct value and appear the dot in the graph that show the current date. Sorry if I can’t explain myself, it is a bit difficult without a screenshot.

Thank you!

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Hi Fede and welcome on our forum :wave:

I think I understand the issue you’re describing. Just one question: which date is displayed when the account balance is wrong?

Hi Sam, and thank you for your quick response. When I’m in any other tab and press “Accounts” by default set today as selected date. I have some movements today, and the balance showed is incorrect. When I drag down to move the transaction list and last Friday movements “touch” the top of the list the balance is refreshed with the correct value and now the graph show the dot that’s indicate the date with the x and y dotted lines

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Thanks Fede, that’s clear. We’ll work on that and will release a fix as soon as we can!

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@Fede We checked the implementation of the Accounts chart and there is a bug: sometimes the pointer is not positioned at the right date. This happens when I scroll the transaction list, the pointer may get de-synchronised from the transaction list. The easy solution is to tap on the chart to refresh it with the right date and right balance.

We only found a bug with the chart’s pointer which might be the reason of the incorrect account balance that you see.

Or do you have any example where the date is right and the balance wrong?