What Tag is best to use?

You have a number of tags but it’s unclear how they interact with the systems.

I have CC linked up to track my spending and I have classed my repayments as TRANSFERS. Is this best?

Also how about mortgage payments should they be classed as DEBT?

If you have both the credit card and the repayment account (I assume current account) connected to Cash Coach then once the repayment compleats and is reflected in both accounts then Cash Coach will nett that off as an ‘internal transfer’ in the ‘excluded categories’.

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Mortgage payments go under “Rent & Mortgage” and will be automatically classified as Monthly bills.

What kind of repayments do you have?
As John said, if you are moving money from account A to account B, with both accounts linked to Cash Coach, then they will automatically be greyed out, categorised as “internal transfer” and you won’t be able to change the category.