Vote for the best July Money Challenge!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Nova Money Monthly Money challenge!

July is around the corner and we are launching our first Money challenge in July. :heart_eyes:The goal is to help you connect & collect. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

By this we mean we want you to meet likeminded friends in the Nova Community, who are also interested in building their wealth and living a financially conscious life while having fun at the same time.

How ? Join in with the discussions on the forum but also join the July Money challenge!!

We have a few days left and here are the ideas that we have for it. Please leave a comment with a message ’ I’M IN ’ and either ’ 1 / 2 / 3 ’ , :laughing:the challenge with the most votes will be the one we do starting from July! You will get a message with more details about it.

Feel free to suggest ideas that you think will make the challenge more fun too! Our goal is to make building wealth as fun as it can be :smile:

Who is this savings challenge for? :thinking: People looking to change their “consumer” habits and lifestyle. No spend challenges are brilliant for opening your mind up to savings opportunities you never thought would be possible!

So then… what are the possible challenges for July ?

  1. No spending during the weekend. :money_mouth_face: Each Saturday and Sunday for the month of July, you can’t spend anything ( other than the basic necessities, but nothing more ), instead of spending money on a day out to the cinema, we want you to share a post about what new free activity you did that you found fun instead. This can be anything from hiking to painting with friends!

  2. 30 day pocket money challenge - :moneybag: each day you need to make £1 extra during the month of July. So day 1 you need to make £1, day 2 £2, day 3 £3 … day 30 £30. How? That’s your challenge! Do a freelance project, extra shift etc… By the end you would have made £465 extra!!

  3. No take out challenge :shallow_pan_of_food: :canned_food:- for the whole of July you can’t spend money on take outs, instead, we want you to post your meals and how much you spent on your groceries to make it. Share recipes to the community and become better and more financially savvy chiefs together!

So… are you up for the challenge? If so which? Let the Nova team know and we will let you know the next steps. :innocent:

The winner of the month will have the chance to win the pro version of the Nova Money app, which will help you save even more! :trophy: