Virgin money account linking with Nova customer I'd issue

I’ve noticed I can’t connect my Virgin money account with my Nova account due to the fact it doesn’t take enough digits for my customer Id it should be 10 digits but only accepts 7 please see the screenshot for more details the “0000000” is just for context.

I know the Virgin money is in a beta stage but has anyone else managed to connect it with there Nova account?



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Hi Tom, I suggest you ask directly Virgin as this page is created and maintained by their team. Some banks use different customer ID (for credit card, online banking, mortgage…), it might be the case.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I contacted Virgin but unfortunately, they couldn’t assist with the issue and stated it would be an app issue and would have to ask you (Nova) for support on this as they couldn’t help with a third-party issue.

Any ideas of what I could do?


Their response is surprising. This is clearly their sign in page… We’ll escalate the issue with TrueLayer and will let you know.

Thanks, Sam,

Please keep me updated as Virgin is my new main account thanks.

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Depending on what type of account you have with Virgin the username is different lengths for different products. I don’t think you can see all your Virgin accounts on one place, you have to sign in individually. (I only have one Virgin product so can’t confirm)
Am I right in thinking that the open banking only applies to connect current and credit card accounts?
I don’t think Nova will be able to connect to my Virgin Cash ISA account for example.

Yeah, it is a bit strange I can’t even connect my credit card when I try to connect it says “request-uri too large” I only have the current and savings account but no luck being able to connect to it as of yet.

@Thomas_Wan, what does Virgin say about your login details?

Hi Sam,

Not much to be honest they asked me to speak with you and stated its something out of there control. I’m still unable to enter my customer id as it only accepts 7 digits rather then the 10. I have the current account plus savings account and pretty sure I’m om the correct section when clicking link account etc