Tracking Amazon Subscriptions

I am getting a lot of stuff from Amazon Subscriptions:

Where: Name: Price Every X week Every X Month
Amazon Gillette Fusion 8 blades 15 4
Amazon Toilet Paper 72 rolls 27 4
Amazon Ariel All-in-1 108 washesh 22 4
Amazon Head & Shoulders 6pack 10.5 6
Amazon Sensodyne Daily Care 4x 10.5 4
Amazon Regina Blitz 8 rools 3x 30 4
Amazon Kitchen Cleaner 2x 5 2
Amazon Microfibre Kitchen 2x 6 6
Amazon Dishwasher tablets 120 16 4
Amazon Bubble Shampoo 2x 5.98 3
Amazon Domestos 4x 3.92 4
Amazon Sanex Antyperspirant 10.67 3
Amazon Shaving Gel 5.44 3
Amazon Coconut Shower Gel 10.5 2

And tracking it with Nova is quite difficult, I think Nowa might be confusing all of them together - not sure.
Now every Amazon purchase I made is beeing marked as subscription.

I am having separate credit Card just for subscriptions. I wonder what you think about making a rules like “mark all payments from this card as subscription” and “always mark payments from other card as variable spending”

Or maybe you have some better idea ?

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Amazon can quickly confuse Nova because they always change their transaction name and references :sweat_smile:

Do you want to have each individual subscription identified by Nova, with its own period? That may be hard because item delivered every 2 months will overlap with those delivered every 4 and 6 months.

Creating a rule from the payment card might work, but again it would extremely hard to identify each subscription individually because of the delivery overlap (and constant change of name and references).

This is a hard one. APIs with amazon would work, but I don’t think that would be good for their business :laughing:

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API would be truly perfect :thinking:
I can think of 2 potential ways, one easier but less reliable, and one more advanced but bulletproof:

  • just base on the amount, usually the price dont change (and if it does I get an email about it )
  • by ingesting the email

Google is doing stuff based on emails you receive like it can add your flight to the calendar based on Wizzair email etc.
So if I would send a copy of Amazon emails to some Nova email, you could try to scrape data out of it. You could also use it to make it even cooler at some point, and for example, add a picture of an item to be displayed in the transaction history

If you would go this route the possibilities could be endless how you could utilize invoices/orders confirmations

I would be happy to auto forward any invoice/order confirmation I get.
But to make it simpler for users you could always do it other way around. Ex I would add in Amazon for invoices email like [email protected] then you would ingest all emails you would receive and you would also forward it back to my real email

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I like the idea of email forwarding, it could be used to scrap and analyse utility invoices and find cheaper deals. This would work only if users are rigorously doing it.

As for identifying individual amazon subscriptions based on the amount, it may sound easy to make it word for this specific use case, but it’s quite hard to train a global model that would work without cause false positives.

I never assumed people would do it by hand every time, more using Gmail filter like “if email is from forward copy to [email protected]

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Ok, we’ll add it to our public roadmap to get upvotes!

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