Saving challenges graphics

Feel free to move this.
What do you have planned for the savings challenges look?
I was thinking if you allow the user to set goals for themselves then the challenges could be shaped around that. The gaming aspect could be optimised by showing steps on a board game or you could reveal part of the picture (house/car) when you succeed in a challenge. The key is making the boring things as fun as you can.

What do you think?

If I understand correctly, you want to add a long-term goal such as car/house, then gradually visualise the completion of your goal?

Or did you have another idea in mind?

Yes. But this can equally be applied to a short term goal like Xmas, new clothes or paying off a debt. The shackles could shrink, jail could open etc.

Ok sounds good, that’s part of our plans - do you want to have a chat to discuss the features we have on our roadmap and tell us which ones you would like the most?