Revolut raised $800 million and valued at $33 billion!

So let’s have a chat about the latest news, Revolut, founded by Nikolay Storonsky, confirmed that it has raised $800 million and is valued at $33 billion. :exploding_head:

This article about the CEO is very interesting, a glimpse of what it takes to be a successful startup founder.

Do you use Revolut? What do you think of it? :grin:


At every fundraise, I hear investor saying that Revolut is overpriced and will take a down-round.
And at every raise, they keep increasing their valuation :laughing:

I’ve been an early adopter of Revolut, and preferred by far their app from 2018/19. But it’s still a solid product.

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Personally, I use Revolut and I’ve had a whole load of issues with them…I hope this comment won’t get me barred again!

No shocker is it though? Let the meme speak for itself.