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Today marks the day Jeff Bezos is set to blast off aboard his company, Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship for a suborbital flight as part of a history-making crew. :rocket:

Recognising what a significant day it is, I decided to read on about him and came across an article that talked about Bezos who is set to retire with a lump sum of US$ 197 billion - which is 739,489 times the median American’s retirement wealth. :exploding_head:

Though he will be living his life’s long dream of traveling to space :artificial_satellite:, not everyone can live their dreams in their golden years….which brings us to a very important question about these extraordinary retirement goals!

How does a ‘normal person’ go about achieving real wealth? Are the only alternatives either to inherit your wealth or to become a business mogul?

What are your thoughts? :thinking:

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Side note, unlike Richard Branson at least he didn’t beg the Government for a loan to bail out Virgin Atlantic and then launch into space a year larer!


Hahha, I just saw this! How true :laughing:

Put your money into pensions as soon as you start work and do Additional Voluntary Contributions if you can. The sooner you start the better.

I’ve worked most of my life, had several jobs with different pension agreements.

Just got through merging most of them into PensionBee so that there’s only one place to go to see what my future holds.


Same here. Merged lots of little pensions into one slightly larger one. Great to be able to see it all in one place. R-


@Dunsford, @RB51 I like the UK pension fund system, it’s very transparent and people can control their pension investment. When I was working in France, I was paying into a black hole called “common pension fund” which is just a nation-wide ponzi scheme.

By the way, would you like to connect your PensionBee account to Nova? We have signed a partnership with them.

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And Jeff shouldn’t have retired, he’s not the richest man on earth anymore :joy: Bernard Arnault Becomes World’s Richest Person As LVMH Stock Rises

Anything that helps me have a better view of my finances is a good thing :wink:

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All right, we’ll need to find some space for Pension Bee then.