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The very first post on this spanky new forum, woohoo😁.
I’ve been using Cash Coach now for a fair few months & have highlighted how unachievable the targets are.
Could you possibly tailor peoples targets depending on their own personal circumstances when they sign up.
For instance, No of dependants/single, living at home/mortgage, drive/use public transport etc. This way you can gauge more accurately how much disposal income an individual will have each month.
My current save target is over £1600 a month on the easy level & I have a mortgage and three dependants and run 2 cars, this figure is never gonna happen, maybe a couple of hundred quid at most.
This possibly will mean re-writing the algorithm but currently I have stopped using the app due to the target problems, not good news for an investor.

Hi Romper and congrats for creating the first post :+1: :partying_face:

Many users reported to us that their saving challenges were unachievable, while others wanted harder challenges. Improving the AI is our our top priority at the moment and we have been working on it the whole month of August.
There is no “quick fix” so we are significantly upgrading the whole saving challenge logic, which as you mentioned, implies re-writing thousands of lines of code.

The new logic will come with some changes in the “rules” and also user interface. Here is what we are working on:

  • The Track Screen will show the weekly Saving Target instead of how much is saved for the month
  • Cash Coach will use a longer history to compute your saving challenges, with some anomaly detection to ignore periods like covid lockdown
  • At the start of a new monthly saving challenge, you will see only the difficulty levels that Cash Coach thinks you can achieve. This is particularly relevant if you start a challenge in the middle of a month
  • Cash Coach will assess in a smarter way how you can spend your money across all categories depending if they are essentials or not
  • If you have seriously overspent, instead of having a budget of £0, you will enter the “Survival mode” where you be able to spend £5/day on groceries, and pay the unavoidable expenses such as taxes transport, bills… But no more party and shopping in Survival mode!
  • Cash Coach will also try to understand if you have family and therefore need more than £5/day for food
  • If you receive extra income during the month, then you may leave the Survival mode and resume your saving challenge

Is there anything else you think we should take into account?

The new AI will obviously require a lot of testing and fine-tuning based on your feedback, so we are counting on you!


I would like to echo this. The savings challenges seem to jump around dramatically over the time I used it. The Easy challenge this month seemed almost as high as the hard from when I first signed up!
It would be better if the app challenges kicked in slowly and ramped up over time. Incremental wins is what you need to see.
The AI messages currently seem a little confusing 1 day I could be overspending the next I am saving like a pro.
I guess this was the AI changes that you made and hopefully this will settle down.

I really appreciate the app. It’s more engaging than the dry budget apps and money tracking apps I currently use. I check this out every day

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Thanks Grimmy for the support! While we are calibrating the AI, the difficulty of saving challenges might jump from one version to another. They will hopefully soon stabilise :smiley:

Also we are designing custom saving challenges where users can set their own saving target for the month. Let me know if you want to have a look at the prototype before we implement it!

Yes please. I have also added my name to the Beta list on Playstore

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Brilliant, we have a prototype to show you for next week!

Hi Grimmy,
I am working with Sam and I would love to show you the prototype. Would you be free for around 30min sometime next week to have a chat? As a thank you we would award you with a free month of Cash Coach Premium.
Please feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected]

Have a great weekend!