Open Banking integration request

We currently use TrueLayer as our Open Banking data provider, which supports these banks.

Which bank, credit card, saving account or investment account would you like to see integrated to Nova? This will help us prioritise our roadmap.


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Hi Sam

The biggest ones that seen to be missing are Marcus by Goldman Sachs and NS & I. But I guess they have not integrated with any one yet.

Also the local building societies like Nottingham, Yorkshire etc would be good.

The other question is can to you integrate with personal loan providers,mortgage accounts, P2P (like zopla) and any investment providers (I think Wealthify can be integrated with)?

Hi Grimmy,

I think that Marcus doesn’t have a banking license and therefore doesn’t have the obligation to provide Open Banking APIs. At least for now. Same for NS&I.

Do you know any account aggregator supporting the building societies?

The majority of brokers and investment platforms don’t offer APIs at the moment, they may change their mind if we come with a long list of users requesting it.

Zopa has obtained a banking license and is working on their APIs. But they haven’t announced any date :grinning:.

What about Metro bank? With thier integration of Ratesetter they may become a more popular choice.

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For some reason Metro bank is not supported by any of the UK API providers. I wonder why :thinking:

People, have been able to do account aggregation even before open banking was a thing. Is it worth reaching out to financial organisations that most of the Cash Coach users have transactions with and setting up a one-to-one relationship with them to get account balance information? This would open up the way to access information for unconventional accounts that are not in scope of open banking, like mortgages, credit unions and premium bonds etc…

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Let’s be honest, most banks and financial institutions do not welcome Open Banking which breaks their monopoly of financial services and cost them millions to implement. Regulators are the only ones that can force banks to get things done.

NB: I am an ex-banker.

Starling Integration
It doesn’t detects “Spaces” like it does for Pots in Monzo, and as the result It considers all my transfers to spaces as “external Transfer”. For the same reason cant use them as " Goals target accounts"
Other openbanking apps can see them without issues


You’re right, I have the same problem with Starling. I’ll ask TrueLayer when they plan to support the Starling spaces and come to you.

Support for Chase bank (UK) would be handy, although I think they are only in beta at the moment and rather feature limited their end so it might be that they can’t support open banking yet.

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Hi @dragon_1, another US bank coming to the UK. It took a while for Marcus to develop their Open Banking API, let’s see how Chase will do.
Are you a Chase UK customer?

Yes, managed to get into the beta program, it’s pretty basic at the moment doesn’t even support Direct Debts.etc but they’re offering cashback on card purchases for the first year so tend to use it for spending.

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It’s going to be very controversial but did you know that people who use cashback spend more? It’s a proven mechanic that banks use to increase the spending and debt of their customers. More info here.

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It’s spending i’d be doing anyway so if they’re offering it as a sweetener to spend on their card vs another banks card I don’t really see a reason not to, it’s not a credit card so it’s not like I’m running up debt by doing it.

They don’t do overdrafts either yet, so all they’ll be getting is data on purchases and interchange fees for using their card but from my point of view I can’t really see much of disadvanage.

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If you’re absolutely sure that you won’t spend more because of the cashback then that’s good. The reason cashback works so well for banks is because people feel less guilty spending money knowing they’ll get some sweetener, which is proven to increase their debt level on credit card.

It’s definitely less dangerous on a debit card :smiley:

Wow, a big margin. Any European/UK research? R-

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I haven’t read any specific European research paper, but the adoption of cashback correlate with the increasing credit card debt in the UK.

All credit card companies and banks monitor closely the cost vs benefit of offering cashbacks. So if they’re still pushing for cashback, it means it works for them.

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Does MoneyFarm integrate with open banking? I have them as an offline account now - but would be useful for updates/deposits!

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Hi @Pilith, no I don’t think they have any Open Banking API yet. Do you use MoneyFarm for investing?

@Sam - I have a stocks+shares ISA with them. That’s why it’s fine adding as offline account - since i only put money in (for now at least).

This blog article ( talks about moneyfarm and open banking. But as being able to deposit/withdraw instead of just looking at the info like Nova

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