Open Banking integration request

We currently use TrueLayer as our Open Banking data provider, which supports these banks.

Which bank, credit card, saving account or investment account would you like to see integrated to Cash Coach? This will help us prioritise our roadmap.


Hi Sam

The biggest ones that seen to be missing are Marcus by Goldman Sachs and NS & I. But I guess they have not integrated with any one yet.

Also the local building societies like Nottingham, Yorkshire etc would be good.

The other question is can to you integrate with personal loan providers,mortgage accounts, P2P (like zopla) and any investment providers (I think Wealthify can be integrated with)?

Hi Grimmy,

I think that Marcus doesn’t have a banking license and therefore doesn’t have the obligation to provide Open Banking APIs. At least for now. Same for NS&I.

Do you know any account aggregator supporting the building societies?

The majority of brokers and investment platforms don’t offer APIs at the moment, they may change their mind if we come with a long list of users requesting it.

Zopa has obtained a banking license and is working on their APIs. But they haven’t announced any date :grinning:.

What about Metro bank? With thier integration of Ratesetter they may become a more popular choice.

For some reason Metro bank is not supported by any of the UK API providers. I wonder why :thinking:

People, have been able to do account aggregation even before open banking was a thing. Is it worth reaching out to financial organisations that most of the Cash Coach users have transactions with and setting up a one-to-one relationship with them to get account balance information? This would open up the way to access information for unconventional accounts that are not in scope of open banking, like mortgages, credit unions and premium bonds etc…

Let’s be honest, most banks and financial institutions do not welcome Open Banking which breaks their monopoly of financial services and cost them millions to implement. Regulators are the only ones that can force banks to get things done.

NB: I am an ex-banker.