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Hi Everyone! Let me introduce you to Nova Whispers!:shushing_face:

We deal with money all the time. Have you had any funny/unpleasant stories about money that has taught you some valuable lessons? If so we would love to hear it! :grin: Sharing your experiences will help other people who may have had a similar story. Let us learn from your mistakes and celebrate your wins ! :tada: :tada:

If you want to be the one to share your story with us, just share it away here!

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Sharing a story from one of our community members who wishes to stay anonymous :grin:

" I joined a program event a few years ago and attended. It was great and when they shared a service they offered it sounded amazing so I signed up. After the event I was taken to a room to talk about the service with the sales man and he was a great sales person and made me sign a deal of 5k when I didn’t have the money. He made me feel like he was my friend, he cared for me and my problem, I even cried about it and he really did act like a friend … so I signed it , and went home to realise everything he said was with the intention to close the deal, I managed to cancel it but I was surprised how I let my emotions get to me and sign a contract to buy something I clearly didn’t need and couldn’t afford … I hope my story can help others remember to stay in check with their emotions when they are being sold to "

What a story! I hope you guys learnt some lessons from this community member and if you want to share yours, use the link in the previous post! :grin:

If you relate to this story or have any thoughts on it, let us know too!

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Here’s one that we received! What a comical little story :laughing:


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Here’s another good one and I think, reality for a lot of people.

Personally, I can relate to this - I’m a big fan of walking through aisles at the supermarket - pre-covid, I’d pick going to the supermarket over having a meal at a restaurant after a day at university. I always felt I would get ‘more value’ out of my money at a supermarket over eating a meal at a restaurant. Unfortunately, I’d always find a reason to pick a snack or two too…you can imagine what a simple trip to the grocery store would end up becoming.

Sainsbury’s deliveries have 10000% helped me save more money! :raised_hands:

If you want to share your story with us, just share it away here!

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