Nova version 2.22 (Private Beta) feedback

Nova version 2.22 is out in the Private Beta mode! Here are the major changes:

  • Now you can change a transaction date in order to improve the analytics;
  • Accounts now could be linked to multiple goals;
  • Easier exclusion of transactions from analytics;
  • Slightly improved Track screen;
  • Wealth creation is not shown anymore in Analytics for the current month;
  • Fixed the Face ID scanning issue on the app launch;
  • A few minor bugs were fixed.

Please leave your your feedback here on both new features and the overall app stability and performance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Thanks @priezz. Not being offered this in App Store. How do I access it please? R-

Yep, it’s in the Private Beta and is not available in the App Store. I have PMed you how to join.

Thanks, got that. Back in a sec. R-

Now you can change a transaction date in order to improve the analytics;
Functions correctly in that new date is shown on data item but does not change in data feed. Nice touch giving easy re-edit afterwards. Not tested changing to any previous month.

Accounts now could be linked to multiple goals
Not yet tested as no goals defined.

Easier exclusion of transactions from analytics;
Functions as expected. On searching accounts to reinstate item to analytics the data presented in the transaction feed and the graph at the top spun back to August 2019. Is there a quick way to return to the current date?

Slightly improved Track screen;
No changes detected.

Wealth creation is not shown anymore in Analytics for the current month
Not shown - as expected.

Fixed the Face ID scanning issue on the app launch
No issues for me to date on previous version - and none now.

A few minor bugs were fixed.

App appears stable.



@priezz - on occasion when in the Accounts screen my feed and graph rolls all the way back to the very first entry in 2018. There seems to be no way to get to the current date without trying to move the white dot in the crosshairs of the graph or scrolling back up the transaction feed, both of which are tedious. Is there a faster more efficient method to move to the current [or any other] date?

I asked about this in my feedback post [above] but perhaps you missed it?


That’s an annoying bug, sorry I did not answer to your previous report. We plan to fix it next week.
Can you check if you have any transactions with the future dates in the list? Our investigation showed that those transactions cause unexpected chart behaviour.

The fastest way to change the date is to tap on the chart, keep a finger for about 1 second and then drag the pointer to the very left or to the very right - do all that w/o releasing your finger.

If anything is due the next day then yes the transaction feed shows this data and the scrolling happens then. Is this what you meant? I’ll monitor it over the next few day to see if the absence of future dated transactions makes a difference. R-

Some banks set the transaction date to next Monday if you make that transaction in between Fri-Sun. So it is pretty common to make a transaction on 4th of Dec, but to see it assigned to 6th of Dec in the app. In this case when you try to scroll the list to the very top the chart becomes crazy just because it ends with the current date and can’t scroll to the future.
If it is exactly this case, then we know how to fix it and have it in the plan. If it is not, we need to do more investigation.


I think you have explained it perfectly. When I go back to the previous version of Nova and look at the account screen all is correct until the new transactions for tomorrow [Tuesday] get loaded. Then the scrolling happens. Sounds like you have the solution in hand. R-

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I notice today that the scroll back is happing without any future/pending transactions. Very time consuming getting back to TODAY. Is it possible to add a JUMP TO DATE option somewhere in the transaction feed? R-

Well, the scrolling back is fixed but the app is not updating the transaction feed. There is an orange dot next to the app title on my iPhone Home Screen but I am not sure what that means. There are no more updates being offered in the store.

2.21 is updating transactions correctly.


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Great to know it is finally fixed for you!

Private beta environment is not as stable as the public one. There were some new optimisations introduced, which could affect the sync. Anyway it should be fine now, please check in the app.

Do you have this dot (can you make a screenshot?) next to the public or private beta Nova app title? Have you checked for the updates in the TestFlight? The most recent version number is 2.23.0 (21121501), you can check it in the very bottom of the Settings screen.

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For completeness just putting here [as the conversation has been off piste] that the scrolling & transaction feed issues are fixed and the orange dot just signifies a TestFlight download. Impressed with the attention @priezz has given this over the weekend. R-

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That’s the founders job to listen to users always, not just on the working days :grin:

Btw, today you have received a gift card for your friends with 6 months of Nova Premium access. If you like Nova, don’t hesitate to share it!

Just downloaded 2.24.0 and it got me thinking [always dangerous] about how income arrives and gets dealt with in Nova. I get State Pension every 4 weeks, a private pension every QTR usually around the 6th of the month and my partner contributes every end of month and that is a variable date. Does that have any impact on the Tracker? It seems to in Goals - as I am told the monthly figure [set by the AI] is Unrealistic, yet I am in positive territory most months, so I ignore the message. R-


Hi Rob, that’s a very good question.

Currently the AI can understand regular monthly salaries. They’re usually accurately represented and can be used to project people’s saving capacity.

Your case seems more sophisticated as you have multiple income streams. It’s harder for the AI to know which ones are stable, and which aren’t. I think that a solution would be to let users review and edit their income streams so the AI could do its work. Would that work for you?

It’s ok, I’m not that concerned, it was just a thought. R-

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