Link Credit Card with Account

I am using Pots in Monzo, Spaces on starting and Vaults in Revolut. Part of it, is keeping money separated on specific accounts per credit card.

For example I have “Subscriptions” credit card attached to “Subscription” pot (what I repay in full every month), I have 2 credit cards for “Groceries” (one amex and one Barclays for places what don’t accept amex) attached to Groceries account.

I would like to be able to tell it to app, and make it track that I have enough money for the repayment in right place for right credit card. If for some reason my Amex repayment will be bigger than amount of money on attached account I want to be alerted.

It could work similarly like what you do for Goals, where I can choose account for Goal. I imagine it could do the same thing for each credit card added - it could ask for Account for that card repayment

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Thanks for describing your use case :+1:
I can think of a solution where you could instruct rules to Nova. For example, you can ask Nova to alert you if the balance of account A (this could be a credit card)

  • falls below an amount X
  • falls below the balance of account B (this could be a pot)
  • etc…

@John, you could use this rule system to create alerts in case you can’t repay in full your credit card(s) balance. The rule would look like this:

  • if balance of account A + B + C falls below 0
  • if balance after bills of account A + B + C falls below 0

then send alert.

What do you think?

That sounds great!
The only improvement I can think of would be to allow to make earlier alert, like:

  • if balance of account A + B + C falls below 100

I would probably make 2 of them, one for 0, and one for 100
That I will know that I I’m getting close

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All right, so you want to instruct different rules to Nova:

  • if balance of account A + B + C falls below ÂŁ100
  • if balance of account A + B + C falls below ÂŁ0
  • etc …
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