July Money Challenge! 🤩

Hello Everyone!!

So we have decided that for July - the challenge of the month will be: No spending during the weekend. :money_mouth_face:

Each Saturday and Sunday for the month of July, you can’t spend anything ( other than the basic necessities, but nothing more ), instead of spending money on a day out to the cinema, we want you to share a post about what new free activity you did that you found fun instead. This can be anything from hiking to painting with friends!

So what do you have to do? :grin:
Each Saturday / Sunday - comment on this post and share a bit about yourself, the wins you had if you didn’t spend any money and what free activity you did instead as well as the struggles or temptations that you came across so we can find a way to solve them!

Our team at Nova Money will also join the challenge and report how their week went :crazy_face:

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