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Hi Everyone!

New to the Nova Community? Welcome aboard! :sunglasses:

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We are so glad to have you.

My name’s Kir, I’m one of the admins here…and dare I say the longest-serving employee :eyes:. Here’s a couple of things I’m into:

:books: Spreading Financial Education
:muscle: Side Hustlin’
:studio_microphone: Public Speaking
:shower: Shower Singing
:woman_cook: Veganising anything :seedling:

My favourite saving tip is leeching off entertainment subscriptions - it’s been a huge saver in lockdown! :money_mouth_face:

Feel free to get in touch if there’s anything that a staff member or I can help you with.

Now….for your turn. Tell us a little about yourself, what you are into, maybe even your favourite saving tip too. Shoot! :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:


Hi everyone! Excited to be here!

My name is Presence, an intern at Nova Money. I’m also a university student studying Economics.

I am interested in too many things but here are a few

  • Personal finance / passive income ( trying to plan ahead for the future, always enjoy doing that ) :moneybag:
  • Startups and entrepreneurship
  • Podcasting :studio_microphone:
  • Anything ice cream related :ice_cream:

My money-saving tips would be

  • Use apps e.g Unidays / Too good to go - - just small extra steps and you get to save quite a bit
  • Only buy what you need
  • Chrome extensions e.g Honey

Looking forward to hearing what other tips are out there!


Hi guys!

I am Daniel. I am the user experience designer here at Nova.
Here are just a few things that I enjoy doing besides designing:

  • Cooking
  • Playing the guitar
  • Taking long showers where I hold concerts, monologues and TED talks to an audience of surprisingly uninterested shampoo bottles.

Best saving tip I can give you is to learn to cook! You will save a ton of money and get to impress your friends.

Nice meeting y’all!


Hey guys!!

I am Shivam. I am the Growth Analytics “Expert” here at Nova. I few things I am passionate about besides “numbers” are:
Playing DoTA
Trying to de-crypt Elon Musk’s tweets

Best saving tip I can give is to achieve Basic financial literacy. You will experience a change in your spending habits and realize how easily capital will start building.



Hi everyone!

My name’s Angela, co-founder and designer of Nova. I started as a digital illustrator, then I got involved in web design, UI/UX design, animation & audio/video editing. I also work as a nurse in the NHS during the day… and somehow I still get 7hrs of sleep! :sleeping:

Things I’m into:
:art: Arts & Design
:desktop_computer: Animation & Video editing
:brain: Self-improvement, learning and productivity
:running_woman: Fitness
:woman_technologist: Tech & entrepreneurship

Saving tip:

  • Whenever you feel like shopping online (out of boredom) for things you don’t really need urgently, put them in your shopping basket and wait a month before you checkout. Usually you won’t want them anymore
  • Cook food instead of having takeaways
  • Create a direct debit for your investments (like S&S ISA) that get taken immediately on your pay day
  • Learn about investments
  • and the best tip: use Nova :wink:

Hi everyone, I’m Sam, co-founder of Nova Money. I used to work in the city, my job was to make sure the bank had enough funding and liquidity to cover all its trading activities.

There are things about the financial system that can only be discovered from the inside. And I learned so much about how rich people manage their money that I wanted to spread financial education, because most people do the exact opposite. The lack of financial education creates wrong believes and mindset.

That’s how Nova Money started! :dizzy:

I usually spend my days on the design and development of Nova, testing new prototypes and talking to our dear users.

And now I’m starting to create youtube videos about financial freedom! :money_with_wings:

I’m always happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out :smiley:


Hi there!

I’m Damian, part of the engineering team here at Nova. I’m into way too many things but here are a few that have stuck with me for a long time:

:mage: Fiction of any kind
:boxing_glove: Mixed martial arts
:muscle: Bodybuilding
:parachute: Pointlessly dangerous activities

I only have two principles that have been life savers when it comes to managing my finances:

  • Always have a plan and adapt it as you go.
  • Be proactive with your saving, always take the money you want to save/invest from the top of your salary in the beginning of the month and spend what’s left.

Hey everyone, I’m Aran, and I’ll be interning at Nova Money for the coming months.

If I could describe myself in 5 words, I’d probably say:

  • Cooking :man_cook: (I am a qualified chef)
  • Diving :diving_mask:
  • Poker :black_joker:
  • Investing :money_with_wings:
  • Sleeping :sleeping_bed: :zzz:

That last one isn’t exactly going on my CV though :sweat_smile:

A money saving tip that has helped me in the last year is to try and shop for food/groceries online if possible. I get a lot of cravings when I’m in the supermarket for things like candy and sweets, which end up costing way more than the price of getting groceries delivered to your door (for me at least).


Hi everyone! Shahnee here. :grin:

I just joined team Nova as a Sales and Data Analyst Intern. Already got a glimpse of the team at Slack. But this is my first official introduction here at the community page. :sunglasses:

Super excited to be here and looking forward for what’s to follow! :black_heart:

Shahnee S.


Welcome to the team @Aran and @Shahnee_S :tada::grin:


Hi there!

I am Alex, the co-founder and CTO of Nova Money. Every day we do lots of engineering around the Nova app to let be not just the most advanced financial planner in the world, but also the methodology, which will help you to become financially free without too much stress.


Hi Everyone,

I am Abraham, member of growth team. I joined Nova because I’m amaze to the Nova mission in spreading financial education which I’d like most to do.

I am interested in too many things such as:
:books: Learning new stuffs
:pound: spreading personal financial education
:chart: Investing
:man_technologist: side hustling


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