Duplication of bills

Hi team,

My bill payments have all duplicated on the app this month overstating my upcoming payments by 3x.

Please can you look into why this has happened

Hi Grimmy, there were some a lot of noise and problem coming from the changes in Open Banking.

The duplication should be fixed in the v2.14.2. Could you confirm? It has been approved by Apple, and still pending Google’s approval.

Please let us know!

Hi it’s still duplicated on this screen on the recurring tab.

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Hi Grimmy, the duplication typically occur on the “Expected Bills” when the transaction name slightly change over time. For example “EON energy 10608454” and “EON energy 10608455”.

In this case, it’s best to go to Expected Bills / Mark as a paid and select the new transaction.

If you have duplicates, then you can tap on each expected bill select “I don’t expect it”.

Does that help?