Display subscription interval (and allow to change it)

I recently got a new subscription, that would be Nova itself :grin:

When I marked it as a subscription, the app asked me about all other google play payments “are these subscriptions as well?”, so I didn’t select any of them.

And that was it, there was no question about subscription interval
I suspect it thinks it is monthly

And that was when I realised it doesn’t show it anywhere, is it monthly, yearly etc

I guess I can confirm it by checking the subscription category total:

So it would be great to:

  • Display subscription interval
  • Allow to change it

Hehe glad to have you amongst our premium members :partying_face: :+1: :heart:

@Alexandr, I think we need to add the possibility to change the subscription frequency in the list of bills.


Well… we definitely have to think about it.
@michalzxc, In this flow (changing a transaction type) we do ask for the period and create a series only when all transactions are selected. In this case when just one transaction is being changed a plan for the future could be created by “adding a bill” from the Bills tab of the Track screen.

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@michalzxc, this issue has been addressed. Since the version 2.20.2 Nova asks if you want to create a rule even when there are no similar transaction found or not all of them are selected.



Thank you!!!