Disconnect from bank and missing transactions

Did anyone else have issues today on the app around 17:30 (GMT)?
My bank connection was still synced but had one of the accounts as 0 - resynced the connection but now all my transactions have not updated and half my bills that were visible earlier this morning are now gone and I can’t find them listed anywhere- all-around 20-23 Jan seem to be missing

My main savings goal account was the one affected and it disconnected from my goal also but the bills in my other account are missing
Both are Bank of Ireland accounts

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Hi @naunie, sorry for the trouble - we indeed had some disturbance with Irish banks.

Is everything back to normal now?

No still no joy Sam- seems to be pulling transactions for the last few days but still missing chunks of data from January and before - no income or bills showing

Ok @naunie. we’re going to try to fix that as soon as possible.

Hi Sam,
Any fixes yet for Irish bank transaction issues?
My poor motivator and goals tracker is trying so hard but keeps missing my salary, bills and old transactions so it looks like I’m unable to meet any payments or goals despite having a balance displayed in my accounts.

Hi Naunie. I have just answered you in Crisp. Yes, the support for Irish banks was recently improved, so now you should be able to see more historical data. Not too much, unfortunately, depending on the bank Irish banks provide 1 year of history at the best (against 5-6 years for UK banks).