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Here’s where you can find all our Clubhouse invitations and events. Feel free to use this space to chat about the rooms or post your questions here too! We’re always looking to include more people in the conversations, so if you’re looking to co-host or come up on stage, feel free to let us know! :tada:

Looking forward to seeing you in our rooms :smiley:

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Hey guys!

We’re hosting an open room tomorrow, 4th August 2021 on Clubhouse.

Topic: Financial Independence :raised_hands::moneybag:
Time: 8:45 am BST
Hosts: @Aran & @Kir

This event will be an open discussion about all things Financial Independence: from what it means to you to how one can become financially independent. :money_mouth_face:

Here’s the link to the event: Financial Independence 💰🤑 - What does it mean to you? 🤔👀 - Nova Money - Clubhouse

Don’t forget to RSVP and we look forward to seeing you there! :wave: