App Crashing

The Nova App isn’t working on my phone anymore. It’s been crashing and causing my phone to restart every time I open the app. Hasn’t worked for 2 months. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but this hasn’t solved the issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 if this helps.

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Hi Akash and sorry for that. We have investigated it but didn’t manage to identify the root cause. App crashes are typically the hardest types of bug to fix because we cannot replicate them.

Do you also have a crash when using the web version: ?


Doesn’t crash on web version but my accounts are no longer connected and it’s not letting me reconnect them and just loads continuously


Got thanks for the screenshot, we’ll work on that!

@Akash We made significant changes in the backend. Could you please check if the app still crashes in the latest version (2.18.1)?