Anyone here who feels happier when they spend less?

I used to buy stuff all the time thinking that the more I have, the happier I will be. In my country, your social worth is based on your material possessions - who has the latest iPhone model, latest game consoles, the mirrorless DSLRs, and many other things are are trending in social media. People flaunted wealth on social media - big birthday parties, extravagant weddings, etc.

Late last year, I had a good look at my finances via Nova and was surprised to see how much money was wasted on things I didn’t really need, or I only used for a short while and have completely forgotten about. Mind you, I wasn’t that bad. I was still saving a bit but definitely less than I expected. I decided to change my habits and finally take control of my money. I listed down all my goals, created a savings account where I would transfer money for my bills and savings right after payday and religiously tried to live off the remaining amount.

Since this turning point I realised one thing: I am actually happier living with less. It’s like the desire to keep up with everyone just disappeared. I see things for their long term use instead of their short term gratification.

I have decluttered my room and felt so sad with the amount of useless stuff I had lying around collecting dust. I donated more than half of my wardrobe and my place just feels more refreshing. I realised I don’t need much in life to be happy, or that happiness was never in material things.

I’m using that extra savings now for more important things like experiences (travels), or funding myself while I’m working with the business.

My point is: If you ever feel the pressure of having more possessions or comparing yourself to others, think about this: all these stuff are just resources we won’t see when we’re dead. Try your best to be a good person, find your purpose in life and learn to live with peace and contentment.

I have such a backlog of gadgets I now don’t need to buy anything for quite a while. I’d typically buy because I was bored, now I have amassed so much ‘stuff’ I have no excuse to be bored any more. I use this to stop myself from spending on the latest ‘thing’.

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Well @Angela you have discovered the true meaning of financial happiness. My partner and I have both had the same “realisation”, that is to say stop buying what you want and buy what you need. Well done. R-

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I’d typically buy because I was bored

This exactly. I came to a point where I was getting stressed out with all the clutter in my house. Many of them were stuff I’ve completely forgotten about, and some I never even used.

I also used to want to upgrade the latest model, or buy what’s on trend, but I realised how pointless it is. I didn’t even notice any difference, I wasn’t missing out on anything.

@RB51 glad I got there sooner than later. It’s much easier to save when you can easily distinguish when something is a “need” and a “want”. Happiness doesn’t come from material things anymore, and I get to enjoy life more.