Annoying notifications

Is there a way to turn off the notifications I get? I find it unprofessional to be told that the “Hole in my pocket can be seen from Space…” and “Is it hot in here? Because your finances are on fire”.

I have left another message in the Private Beta thread which may be part of the reason, but I would dearly love to turn those annoying notifications off.


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Academy - Settings - Notifications ?


Thank you @Dunsford - I’ll give that a go. I don’t get them [motivation - huh!] daily. I’ll feedback. R-

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@RB51 I know the feature is quite hidden at the moment, but you could also change the personality of Nova:

  • Go to Track / drag down the header
  • Tap on the message
  • Select the personality you want

See the screenshots:



You are right very, very, very well hidden. I can’t find it :cry:. R-

EDIT: Ok, skip that, I’ve gone for cute! R-

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Congrats for finding it :joy:

How do you find the cute personality?

Much more my cup of tea. R-

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