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Nova News & Updates

Hello! This category is all about the latest updates of Nova Money. You’ll see Nova reviews, weekly quizzes, news about app releases as well as printables to help you manage your money. For the quizzes, we’ll be updating you with who were the winners of the week too!

General Chat

The Nova Squad is an anonymous online community (you can change your displayed name in the settings) where people can freely talk about any money-related topic - no taboo!

Help Line

Bug? Question on the app? Your bank is not synchronising? This is were we come to the rescue.

Fintech Chat 💻

This category will cover everything Fintech!

The Nova Team

This category is all about getting to know the Nova Family - the amazing people behind Nova Money’s mission. We will be sharing our weekly Friday updates, get-to-know posts, top money tips , and all other fun stuff with you so you can get to know us better!

🏆 Saving Challenges

Your mission as a Nova Squad member is to build wealth every month. At the end of the month, Nova Money calculates how much wealth you have created using the simple wealth equation: